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April 2021


Gia McNutt with

Nicholson Van Altena Glass 

Exhibits April 1 - April 26th 2021

In-person Reception - come and visit on

Saturday April 10th, 1 pm - 3 pm, &

Thursday April 15th, 5 pm -7 pm

Gia McNutt

Gia McNutt is an acrylic and mixed media abstract artist. Her art journey began early in life with her Mother being an Artist and Art Teacher, but the true art journey began in 2011 with a visit to the South of France. The beauty of France, and the tender beauty of her own growing children, drove Gia to learn how to impart the essence of them on canvas. She immersed herself fully in art by taking classes, and joining a gallery shortly thereafter. Initially focused on landscapes and figures, now Gia’s evolving art journey mirrors her spiritual journey. Nature’s colors inspire Gia - browns, greens, golds, light and shadow, as well as the many organic textures found in nature. She seeks to create flowing work, mirroring the beauty and symmetry of nature. As she continues both her spiritual and art explorations, her goal is to create work that will resonate with spiritual seekers, as well as those who appreciate modern, nature-inspired art.

For more information, visit her website: 

Nicholson Van Altena Glass

Nicholson van Altena Glass was founded in January of 2018 by Hannah Nicholson and Alana van Altena. As second generation artists, Nicholson van Altena Glass is creating their own unique works while continuing the works of Rick and Janet Nicholson of Nicholson Blown Glass, established 40 years ago. Drawing inspiration from the flora, fauna, rivers and mountains of Northern California, Alana and Hannah focus on developing work with a natural flow. The vibrant lichen resting on towering pines and boulders and the deep emerald pools of the local rivers influence their exploration of layering colors and building textures with glass. As they continue to explore and establish their artistic aesthetic, Nicholson van Altena Glass hopes to create works with intention and humility that enhances the visual experience of the global community.

For more information visit their website: 


MAY ~ LINDA NUNES (Encaustic)


JULY ~ MICHAEL ROSS (Acrylic/Watercolor/Oil/Photog)

AUGUST ~ SUSAN BERG (Watercolor)


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