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Invisible lll, 3x4', mixed media acrylic, $1000 (part of a series of three)

As an expressive artist, capturing and saving subtle layers of luminosity is everything! As an acrylic artist using watercolor style techniques in much of my work and for this show, 'Expression of Luminosity'; I find saving the light of the white canvas offers a special quality that cannot be conveyed any other way. Once that original 'canvas LIGHT' is gone, it pulls the energy of the painting down some, which is sometimes a benefit to quiet various areas. It is 'saving the elusive quality of light' that can transform a painting from good to fascinating in one light glaze creating a glowing nuance.

Exhibits January 13-31, 2021

with a Virtual Artist Zoom Reception

Sat, January 16, 5:00-6:00pm

Register Online HERE

Deidre Trudeau

Deidre Trudeau is a career artist, in fine art, applied, a teaching artist and facilitates art-as-entertainment events. Elements and features of my fine art and art production include; personal art, art in public places, offering classes in many levels and categories of art education, including art as therapy within Brush of Creativity, ( 

Facilitating art events and paint parties in art-as-entertainment, art events in general for both community engagement and as an feature in professional fundraising under VanGo Girl Paint Parties @ 916-803-ARTS (2787)

Crevasse, 4x4', Mixed media on canvas, $1000

Cool Warmth, 2x3', Mixed media on canvas, $500

Cool Warmth ll, 2x2', Mixed media on canvas, $400

Duality 1, 2x3', Mixed media on canvas, $500

Duality ll, 2x3', Mixed media on canvas, $500


MARCH ~ JUDY & STEVE DILLON (Watercolor/Photography)

APRIL ~ GIA MCNUTT (Acrylic/Mixed Media)

MAY ~ LINDA NUNES (Encaustic)


JULY ~ MICHAEL ROSS (Acrylic/Watercolor/Oil/Photog)

AUGUST ~ SUSAN BERG (Watercolor)


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