Marianne Schaffled, LauburuArt


Phone: 916-496-7910

ARTIST’S STATEMENT:  Art has been an evolving process for me, and I am not the same artist of forty years ago. My ethnic background has become a major source of inspiration and I always incorporate my Basque culture into my art.  I hope my creations leave a lasting impression on the people I’ve had the privilege of meeting.  I work so that my art always portrays something bigger than just being a piece of art.  It also has a meaningful Basque story, and that’s important because, “we are the stories we tell.”  My purpose is to promote Basque culture through art.  

BIO:   Since 1985, Marianne has been a Basque artist and vendor for Basque festivals, including Jaialdi International Basque festival in the Pacific Northwest.  In 2002, her photographs were used for the development of the iconic street-scape of the “Basque Block” in Boise, Idaho.  The street has only visual curbs allowing the street to be converted to a plaza during festivals.  She successfully uses many different artistic mediums, including clay, fabric, watercolor, acrylic, paper, metal, wood, photography, and glass.  She effectively uses her creations to inspire others to learn more about the Basque people. 

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