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Monkey Pod, vessel, carved, $345

'Hidden Passions'

with Shannon & Bob McClurg

Exhibits February 3 - 28, 2021

with a Virtual Artist Zoom Reception

Sat, February 6th, 5:00-6:00pm

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Shannon McClurg

After years of unsuccessful painting on 8 x 10I soon realized that miniature was my forte.  Be it the border of a newspaper, shell, rock or other item, that dimension was the way my artistic eye saw things.  It expanded my options to anything smooth enough to be painted.  I love using the piece’s makeup as the actual background such as sandstone or the rust of a sawblade.  Using small items worked it’s way into mosaics and bead painting, creating dimensional “paintings” from other stuff.  I love the result of overlaying onto a skull or non-traditional art item and seeing how it changes.  Since I was 10, beading and making jewelry has always been a default for my creativity.  Designing and creating unique one of a kind pieces to wear is extremely satisfying.  As long as my hands and mind are creating, I feel I am fulfilling my life’s destiny.

Bob McClurg

As a wood worker most of my life, wood turning was always something back in my mind as a hidden passion.  Once I bought my first lathe, it was clear to me that this was within me all along.  I let a piece of wood talk to me, to tell me what it needs to become.  As I turn, the conversation continues, and the results are a magic blend of creativity and technical ability. Experimenting with different woods and products to reveal refreshing images is always on my mind.  Whether it’s making a pepper grinder, a simple bowl or using my Rose Engine lathe, it is a pleasing challenge, knowing that each time I create something, it will have it’s own personality.   At that it is usable is just a bonus.

11" Turned Maple bowl, Basket weave pattern, $510

Cliff Palace on Alabaster, $200

"Starry Night" Bead painting, 8" x 10", $729

Blue Pronghorn: Amazonite, Mex Opal,

Leather, $500

Rose Engine turned Walnut Box with

Copper finial, $450

3 Set Salt, Pepper Grinders,

Tigerwood, $180

Turquoise Charms. Sterling Chain, $285

Golden Gate bridge, Fort Pt.

on 8" board, $95

10" Burl bowl w/Turquoise, $345



MARCH ~ JUDY & STEVE DILLON (Watercolor/Photography)

APRIL ~ GIA MCNUTT (Acrylic/Mixed Media)

MAY ~ LINDA NUNES (Encaustic)


JULY ~ MICHAEL ROSS (Acrylic/Watercolor/Oil/Photog)

AUGUST ~ SUSAN BERG (Watercolor)


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