Small Feats of Clay 2022

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38 photo(s) Updated on: March 30, 2022
  • Eukaryotic Group, Red Earthenware, Lars Westby.
  • Meghan Sullivan, Unknown Man, Ceramic.
  • Casey Sugie, Flowers, Clay.
  • Amy Schnitzer, Snow Day Midfire Stoneware, Reduction Fired.
  • Karen Sanford, Espresso at the Alhambra, Ceramic.
  • Stephanie Rosendorf, The More the Merrier, Porcelain Sculpture.
  • Jane Powers, Breeding Organoids, hand built porcelain, lab tube, resin
  • Yelena Petroukhina, Adorned Ceramics.
  • Vince Montague, The Long Goodbye, Ceramic.
  • Daniel Molyneux, Ceallach, Porcelain.
  • Cara McKinley, Louise B's Wand Set , Terracotta.
  • Marga McBride, Untitled 2021 Painted ceramic
  • Lauren Mayer Chronometry Series #2, colored porcelain, mortar, cherry frame.
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