Tamsen Armstrong, StrongArm Studios

 Website: http://tamsenarmstrong.com

Email:  tamsen345@comcast.net

Instagram:   instagram@tamsen345.com

Phone:  925-788-4782

ARTIST’S STATEMENT:  I paint what inspires me from my everyday life and travels. My goal is to find man made and natural creations, see them intimately, paint them honestly, and hope the resulting images will resonate with the viewer. 

BIO:  Tamsen’s father was a painter, and the smell of turpentine was as much a part of her childhood growing up in southern California as that of suntan lotion.  Her first exposure to serious art was at the age of ten, when her father took her family to see Picasso’s art at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, and then to watch the film, “Fantasia.”  When she showed the inclination to draw, her father sat her down at his drafting table for an impromptu lesson in perspective and composition.  While she considers her father her first teacher, she feels a debt of gratitude to the many artists who have inspired her and shared their insights along the way.  

Tamsen has been pursuing artistic expression her entire life, but her formal education focused on literature and journalism at UC Berkeley.  She became a serious student of oil painting when she took her first workshop in 2012 and realized how little she knew.  After taking many plein air workshops and studio classes, she still feels she has much to learn.  She has been affiliated with the Main Street Arts Gallery in Martinez for the past five years as their featured guest artist. Although she now lives in Lincoln, she continues to show successfully at that gallery every year with many repeat patrons who appreciate her work.

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